The First 1000 Days: Nourishing America’s Future

Research has revealed that 25% of children in the United States, between one and two years of age, do not receive the recommended amount of daily iron, a brain-building nutrient, and 10% of children up to two years old already show signs of being overweight or obese. Recently, “1000 Days”, a leading nonprofit advocacy organization who focuses on improving nutrition for young children in the United States and around the world, released a report that details the foundational role that nutrition plays for young children, how young children and families are faring, and what action might be taken to improve nutritional health in the United States, particularly for children birth to two.
As detailed in this report, helping young children have access to healthy nutrition is essential to helping them develop cognitively, emotionally and physically. Though much of the report focuses on families, it does acknowledge that child care providers have an opportunity to impact children’s nutrition through educating families and exposing young children to healthy options.  To access the report and learn more about the role of nutrition in the lives of infants/toddlers visit :
The First 1,000 Days: Nourishing America’s Future