Great Start to Quality Education & Child Care is the best tool for families in Michigan looking for child care or preschool. Every licensed and registered program and provider, including Head Start and Great Start Readiness Programs, is listed in an easy-to-use search engine. Families can search by Zip code, hours of operation or something even more specific. For example, if a child has a food allergy or special need, families can search using those that detail to find a program that meets their needs.

The only place families can see the Great Start to Quality star rating is on The star ratings show how programs and providers scored on a quality rating scale. This rating scale was designed by experts and parents to help families find the highest quality setting to support their child for success in school and life. is free and accessible 24/7. Other resources available at include a Child Care Checklist in the Parent Toolkit that is easily printed or viewed on any device, and licensing reports that show inspections, violations and corrections.

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Additional Parent Resources:

Child and Adult Care Food Program

Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Infant and Toddler Programs

Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten,

Is This The Right Place For My Child? Booklet


What if I don’t have internet?
Simply locate your region on the map and call the toll-free number to get connected to the Great Start Regional Child Care Resource Center near you. The resource center can assist you in searching for licensed child care and early learning programs.