November Crafts and Activities for Families

Create Fall Art

Get out and explore Mother Nature for art supplies. You’ll find plenty of leaves, sticks, rocks, and even bird feathers that can be turned into beautiful fall art. Use this fall art to create keepsakes for yourself, gifts for family and friends, and seasonal decor for your own home.

Enjoy Cooler Bike Excursions

Bikes get parked in the garage when the weather gets too hot. And once that kickstand goes down for a few days, kids tend to forget about their bikes until next spring. But fall is the perfect time to dig them out of the garage to go on some bike excursions.

Play Indoors

Build a fort or go to the closet and play flashlight games. There’s so much fun you can have with your kids in the house that gives you quality time together and prevents them from spending the day in front of the TV or on their tablets.

Leaf Pile Race

To play this game, you will need plenty of autumn leaves. You can save the ones you rake from your yard in large bags until ready to play. Divide the players into two teams. Place two hula hoops on the ground in the yard. Pour out the leaves around the yard. Give each team a rake, and set a timer. Teams have until the time is up to rake up, carry, gather, and pile as many leaves as they can in their hula-hoop circles. When time is up, the team with the tallest pile of leaves wins.